Have you ever dreamed of having a kitchen designed specifically for you? One that has all the right measurements to let you comfortably handle all your kitchen-related activities? Bespoke kitchens by Diamond Joinery Ltd. are just what you need.

A poorly designed kitchen can not only hinder the speed at which you can prepare your meals, but it can also result in health-related problems such as backaches. If you make sure your countertops are the appropriate height, you can not only greatly enhance your kitchen performance, but ensure that your back is alright even after you spend a lot of time there.

Every bespoke kitchen we decide to undertake gets our full attention and a completely individual approach. We know how important it is for kitchens to be uniquely personalised for their users. That’s why we always make sure to properly interview our clients to get to know their specific wants and needs when it comes to their kitchen. With years of experienced and unmatched precision, we can offer you amazing handcrafted kitchens that are uniquely your own.

Bespoke Furniture

If you’re looking for a table, chair, bed, or any other piece of furniture that looks just the way it needs to in order to fit into your home, we have just what you need.


Sometimes all the room you have left for a wardrobe is a crevice with very specific measurements. With our help, you can get one that’s just the perfect size.


The proper measurements of a kitchen are incredibly important as they are a decisive factor in the way you prepare your food. With our help, your kitchen can be just right.


Build yourself a wardrobe that will contain every piece of clothing you have while also taking up little space and looking very stylish. With Diamond Joinery, it’s possible.


The right cupboards can make a greater influence on your life than you think! Try out our bespoke cupboards, made just right for you, and find out for yourself.


Give your home a staircase that is just the right size and looks just the way you want, all thanks to our amazing craftsmen working hard to give you what you want.