Wooden Front Doors

What are wooden front doors?

Front doors are quite likely the most important door found in your home. They define the character of your property, as they are the first thing your guests see and set up their expectations for whatever is beyond them. That’s why it’s incredibly important to choose one that perfectly matches the style of both your interior and exterior. Luckily, wood is a versatile material that can be shaped into more classical, ornamental shapes, as well as the geometrical simplicity that most modern architecture necessitates. It is also easy to paint any colour you want, as well as easy to waterproof. No matter what genus or shape of front door you choose, however, you can be sure that a wooden door will reliably protect you from any outside forces.

Why choose our wooden front doors?

Diamond Joinery Ltd. is a carpentry company that has years of experience working with various types of wood. Because of this, we know everything we need to know in order to craft doors that satisfy all of the needs of our clients, be they aesthetic or safety-related. Our doors are sturdy, ensuring that you are safe from any intruders and severe weather conditions that could impact your well-being. We know how to work the advanced tools we have in our workshops, which allows us to chisel fine details into your doors and door frames, providing you with doors that look exactly the way you want them to look. At Diamond Joinery Ltd., we never cut any corners and do everything to please our clients.

Wooden Front Doors

Leave a lasting impression on anyone entering your home with fine, wooden front doors made with amazing attention to detail using only the finest wood.

Internal Doors

Make sure your internal doors separate your rooms in a reliable manner while keeping the aesthetics of your interiors cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Wooden sliding doors

Sliding doors are a perfect solution for smaller homes with a limited surface area. Converse space in style with our fantastic wooden sliding doors.


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Perfect for modern interiors, glass doors are a trend that is taking the world by storm. Offering the most light and a stylish simplicity, this might just be the door of your dreams.