Wooden sliding doors

What are sliding doors?

Sliding doors are a fantastic solution for everyone looking to save space. Instead of a door swinging on a hinge in order to be opened or a number of panels connected by hinges, the sliding door slides to the side, as the name suggests. This means that you don’t need any additional room to be able to open it fully, which makes it perfect for smaller spaces. Sliding doors can work brilliantly both as internal doors as doors connecting to the garden or patio, but they can also serve as shower doors, screen doors, or wardrobe doors. With this innovative solution, you can have the space-efficiency and functionality that few other types of door can provide. They can come in solid wood or with a glass pane, meaning that you can additionally increase the amount of daylight you get if you install sliding doors.

Why choose our sliding doors?

Diamond Joinery Ltd. pays incredible attention to detail when manufacturing our sliding doors, which is why you can count on our doors to be the most stylish design for your home, whether you’re looking for something more modern or classic. Whether you’re looking for a way to conserve space for your narrow balcony or patio, our sliding doors are the perfect solution to you. We only use the finest materials when manufacturing our doors, so you cna count on a solution that will last you for a long-time. Additionally, with great doors like ours, the value of your property can increase by a substantial amount.

timber door

Wooden Front Doors

Leave a lasting impression on anyone entering your home with fine, wooden front doors made with amazing attention to detail using only the finest wood.

internal wooden door

Internal Doors

Make sure your internal doors separate your rooms in a reliable manner while keeping the aesthetics of your interiors cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

wooden sliding door

Wooden sliding doors

Sliding doors are a perfect solution for smaller homes with a limited surface area. Converse space in style with our fantastic wooden sliding doors.

french door


Fill your home with a large amount of daylight by implementing a French door. Thanks to their delicate frame, they’re an elegant addition perfect for any home.

bi-folding door


Bring the outdoors in with this innovative solution for patio doors. Open them up as much or as little as you want. Few other doors offer this kind of versatility.

glass door


Perfect for modern interiors, glass doors are a trend that is taking the world by storm. Offering the most light and a stylish simplicity, this might just be the door of your dreams.