For our wooden sash windows, we only use high-quality hardwood. Hardwood is considered superior to softwood because it has a more complex structure consisting of multiple pores and vessels. Hardwood is also much harder and more water-resistant, making it the perfect choice for construction. We always take extra care to ensure that the timber engineering process goes smoothly. We use a unique technique that involves applying multiple sections of timber and arranging them in opposite directions. This is done in order to strengthen the timber, making it stiffer and more inflexible. It is particularly useful in the construction of French doors, for example, as it helps make them more durable and prevents twisting and deflecting so that you can enjoy your doors for many years. Engineered timber is usually crafted from Meranti or Mahogany, but the final choice is yours.

We offer a great selection of wood for your sash windows.

Accoya Wood

A result of many years of advanced research and development, accoya wood brings together the traditional modification technique known as acetylation and cutting-edge technology, creating an extraordinary new species of wood. It is perfect for windows as its versatility is very much welcome in external applications. Thanks to the advancements in technology, it does as good a job with its outdoors performance as the best tropical hardwood. Accoya is an incredibly stable wood that will remain sturdy and firm over the years, completely UV-resistant, and can actually serve as a potent insect-barrier. With its natural wood looks and insulation properties, it is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a solid, versatile wooden window material.


What are the main benefits of using Accoya Woods?
  • outstanding dimensional stability
  • amazing durability – 50 years above the ground and 25 in-ground
  • non-toxic and 100 % bio-degradable
  • consistent and measurable quality
  • insect barrier
  • UV resistant
  • naturally insulating
  • naturally beautiful wood
  • perfect for coating
  • created from sustainable sources


The colour of meranti wood may vary significantly depending on the sub-species of the tree. Regardless of its colours, however, it is a very popular choice for windows due to its relatively low price for hardwood while still maintaining a solid, reliable quality. It is naturally resistant to decay and insect attacks.


While rarely used for the manufacture of sash windows, mahogany remains one of the most well-known and respected types of wood due to its incredibly stable, reliable build and natural good looks. Though expensive, you can be sure that a mahogany window will last you for a long time and serve you well throughout.

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