What are internal doors?

Internal doors are one of the most important pieces of architecture in any interior. Serving as a way to move between various rooms, they are as much an aesthetic statement as they are a practical way to separate your internal spaces and provide yourself with a comfortable way to move between them. They can be made from various materials, including the always-versatile wood, which allows them to come in a variety of styles and shapes. Whether you’re looking for something with the geometrical simplicity of modern architecture, or something more classic and ornamented, anything goes for your interior doors. Whether you live in a simple country cottage or a lavish modern flat, internal doors are something that you’re guaranteed to have.

Why choose our internal doors?

At Diamond Joinery Ltd., we offer a great variety of doors for all your internal needs. We’re a company that has many years of experience with various styles of doors and a great variety of materials, so you can be sure that whichever style of door you choose, it will be crafted for you with amazing attention to detail. We have a fantastic track record in terms of leaving our clients satisfied with our results, both in terms of the aesthetics and practicality of our doors. Our craftsmen know exactly how to effectively the advamced tools they have available to bring to your the exact door you are looking for. At Diamond Joinery Ltd., we can tell you with full confidence that we never cut any corners.

Wooden Front Doors

Leave a lasting impression on anyone entering your home with fine, wooden front doors made with amazing attention to detail using only the finest wood.

Internal Doors

Make sure your internal doors separate your rooms in a reliable manner while keeping the aesthetics of your interiors cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Wooden sliding doors

Sliding doors are a perfect solution for smaller homes with a limited surface area. Converse space in style with our fantastic wooden sliding doors.


Fill your home with a large amount of daylight by implementing a French door. Thanks to their delicate frame, they’re an elegant addition perfect for any home.


Bring the outdoors in with this innovative solution for patio doors. Open them up as much or as little as you want. Few other doors offer this kind of versatility.


Perfect for modern interiors, glass doors are a trend that is taking the world by storm. Offering the most light and a stylish simplicity, this might just be the door of your dreams.