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Double or Triple Glazing – which is the best for your house?

Double-glazed windows are currently the staple of windows in UK homes. There’s no denying the fact that they offer their fair share of advantages over single glazing, to the point that the latter is no longer considered a viable option for homes. With double glazing, you can ensure that your home has much better thermal […]

7 Signs That You Need New Windows

What are the signs that indicate your windows need replacement? Asides from physical damages easily picked by the eyes like cracked window panes or broken window sash, other signs of window damages are quite difficult to spot. Here are some signs that might tell you the sash windows require replacement: 1. Windows are difficult to […]

10 Questions – Joinery

How to price joinery work? The price of the joinery job will vary depending on the type of assignment. Building a garden shed won’t cost more than £100, but if you’re looking to build a garden fence for a large properly, you might have to invest as much as £1000. Many providers of joinery services […]

10 Questions – Sash Windows

Aesthetically pleasing and simple in design, sash windows continue to be one of the most popular choices with British house owners. We love them, we admire their elegance, and we invest thousands in their renovation. But how much do we know about these classic beauties? Who invented sash windows? The invention of sash windows is […]