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Have timber sash windows? Here are some energy saving tips!

Sash windows may be the most popular type of window in the UK, but while the traditional model is still very much prevalent in our architectural landscape, the more popular choice of window material is uPVC. It’s considered a more cost-effective solution that’s easy to repair, but don’t let that stop you from considering timber sash windows!

Timber sash windows can be just as energy efficient as uPVC sash windows. As long as you follow certain precautions when it comes to saving energy, that is. Here are a couple of ideas that you should consider if you have traditional sash windows.


A lot of heating costs can be cut simply by ensuring that no draught enters your home. 25% of your heating bill can be caused by heat escaping through your window. A professional company, such as Diamond Construction, can handle draught-proofing your windows, so that you can keep enjoying your timeless timber windows and cutting heating costs at the same time. It’s a much cheaper alternative to replacing your window, and it can be carried out without major structural work, saving your time and money while also not being disruptive in the slightest. Optimise your results by draught-proofing your old windows.

Secondary glazing

Glazing is an important part of keeping your windows solid and energy-efficient. It involves attaching an additional film to the glass pane of the window. There are many benefits to this solution – glazing can reduce heat losses by around a third, as well as adding an additional means of draught-proofing. There are DYI options that may be cheap and simple to apply, but a far more efficient way of implementing secondary glazing provided by a professional company. This option is far more permanent and comes with much fewer drawbacks – check it out for yourself with our expert service!

Triple glazing

If you live in one of the colder regions, it might turn out that double glazing isn’t enough to keep your house warm. In that case, consider triple glazing. A triple glazed windows can save around 42kWh per year over a double glazed window. While you will lose some solar gain due to the additional layer of glazing, it’s still quite a meaningful increase in heat – just keep in mind that this doesn’t make a great difference in all context, so always make sure that triple glazing is right for you!