Stormproof windows

What are stormproof windows?

Also known as lipped casement windows, stormproof casement windows are some of Britain’s most popular windows, providing a look that is unmistakably British. The casement part of these windows is constructed in such a way that, when closed, it slightly overlaps with the face of the frame. Because of this, the design offers additional protection from severe weather conditions, such as storms and hail. Thanks to the use of modern technologies like double glazing, this design combines a classic aesthetic with all the benefits of modernity. Because of this unique design, stormproof windows are also incredibly energy-efficient and require little maintenance.

Why choose our stormproof windows?

Stormproof are always a good choice for your home since the protective lip protects from various weather conditions that are a big possibility no matter where in the UK you live. With Diamond Joinery Ltd., you can expect windows made from quality materials crafted with immense attention to detail. Though stormproof casement windows have been around for a long time, we can craft them in any style you want. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional window to give your home a more rustic feel, or something chic and modern to liven things up, you can count on us to bring you just what you need. Choose from a wide variety of colours, making sure that you get a window that matches both your interior and exterior perfectly. Lastly, our stormproof windows come with a long-term warranty, greatly enhancing the value of your property.

sash window

Sash windows

A staple of London homes, sash windows are one of the most popular types of window in London, providing you with classic looks and modern technology, giving you the best of both worlds.


Box sash Windows

Also known as the double hung sliding sash windows, box sash windows are an alternate take on the classic sash window. Enjoy the classic beauty with a modern twist!

9 Kensington Place projects - fireplace and window in the living room

Casement windows

A perfect way to bring out the natural beauty of your country home, casement windows are the ultimate rustic accessory that will help make your home feel warm and cosy.


Flush casement windows

Carrying all the benefits of casement windows but not made of wood, this modern alternative to the timeless classic will satisfy anyone looking for a solid window.

victorian bay window - side view from outside the house

Bay windows

An impressive addition to any Victorian home, bay windows allow for more light to enter your home, visually enlarging it at the same time.


Stormproof windows

Protect your home from the elements in an even more reliable way with our incredible stormproof windows.