Diamond Joinery

Over the years of our activity on the market, we have carried out many successful projects, satisfying a great number of clients. Our windows, doors, and glass products are among the best in the city, as certified by the satisfied testimonies of our customers. Each of our projects is treated individually, as we recognise that every person has different wants and needs. Our craftsmen take extra care to make sure that every detail is exactly the way our client is expecting it to be, and thanks to their vast skill and our cutting-edge tools, we can guarantee that every piece is distinct and catered to your personal needs.


Take a look at the details our successful projects. With detailed descriptions of the process involved, our case studies can give you great insight into how we go about providing you with the piece of furniture that you’re looking for. They provide a comprehensive view of what goes into the craftsmanship process of our doors, windows, and others.


We offer a robust selection of windows for all your needs. Just take a look at our window gallery, filled with a fantastic range of sash windows, bay windows, and many more. Each window is treated with a completely individual approach which means that you can count on amazing quality regardless of your choice.


We do everything in our power to make sure our doors are always sturdy, solid and have the exact looks you want them to. Take a look at our gallery and find out for yourself just how diverse our selection is and how many different styles we are capable of replicating for your satisfaction.


Our bespoke furniture is among the best on the market. But don’t take our word for it – take a look for yourself! Our gallery is filled to the brim with successful bespoke projects that represent our incredible attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.